hdu 5950 Recursive sequence(矩阵快速幂)

Problem Description
Farmer John likes to play mathematics games with his N cows. Recently, they are attracted by recursive sequences. In each turn, the cows would stand in a line, while John writes two positive numbers a and b on a blackboard. And then, the cows would say their identity number one by one. The first cow says the first number a and the second says the second number b. After that, the i-th cow says the sum of twice the (i-2)-th number, the (i-1)-th number, and i4. Now, you need to write a program to calculate the number of the N-th cow in order to check if John’s cows can make it right.


The first line of input contains an integer t, the number of test cases. t test cases follow.
Each case contains only one line with three numbers N, a and b where N,a,b < 231 as described above.


For each test case, output the number of the N-th cow. This number might be very large, so you need to output it modulo 2147493647.


Sample Input
3 1 2
4 1 10
Sample Output


In the first case, the third number is 85 = 2*1十2十3^4. In the second case, the third number is 93 = 2*1十1*10十3^4 and the fourth number is 369 = 2 * 10 十 93 十 4^4.




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